Saying goodbye

Photo by Lauren Kelly

Photo by Lauren Kelly


This is it. It’s hard to believe that this is my last issue leading this paper as Editor-in-Chief, and this is the last lettitor I will write for you. This time last year, I was interviewing for the position and then dreading having to write one of these every week—how could I come up with a new topic for each issue? I did it, though. And let’s be real—I was pretty lucky to come into this position during the US election, because it gave me a bunch of fodder early on. Thank you to all of you have followed these throughout the year. It’s an amazing thing to have a special platform like this to say absolutely anything I want to, and discuss things and ideas that I’m passionate about. Still, this piece of me that you read each issue is only a part of the work I’ve done throughout the year.

My year as Editor in Chief has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and one of the most difficult. The level of responsibility was something I’d never experienced before. Every paper you pick up has an incredible amount of hours put into it by our 20-odd-person team and all of our contributors, and I was in charge of managing it, editing it, and helping get it to the finish line every week. Now that we’re monthly instead of weekly, rose-coloured glasses may be in effect, but even at its craziest, the Other Press has been a pleasure to lead. My coworkers feel like family to me, and I’m so lucky to have worked with them over these last few years.

I’ve tried to do my best to leave the paper better than I got it, and I’m so proud of where it is now. The design is sharp and eye-catching, a product of advice we received at conferences and the talent of our layout team. Our editors and writers have been amazing, and consistently work hard to make sure the content they’re putting out is high-quality and relevant to you. Our illustrator and photographer have worked together to fill the paper with original and eye-catching images. And of course, our distributor and social media coordinator have gotten the paper straight to you, whether on stands or on social media. We’re a well-oiled team, with every person playing a vital role.

However, I still wanted to make some changes to improve the paper further. The biggest one is that, for the first time, each position is open for application to make us more accessible to join and to allow more upward mobility.

This could mean that the next time you read the paper, there’ll be some new names gracing the pages. While it’s a bit scary to be leading the paper through its biggest hiring month ever and then turning it over to the next EiC, I know that they and every staff member, new and old, will work just as hard to keep improving the Other Press.

When I went to Douglas as a professional writing student and my friends were writing here, I always declined coming to meetings or writing. I didn’t consider it until our last Editor-in-Chief, Eric Wilkins, convinced me to apply for the News Editor position. It’s been a whirlwind of articles and edits since then, and I’ve cherished the last two years I’ve spent at the Other Press. So I hope those of you who are interested in writing or any of the other work we do here come and join in at a meeting and be a part of this change. If I’m anything to go by, you’ll be so glad that you did.

Until next time,

Lauren Kelly

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