Tired of your average online dating app?


Try Goodreads

By Katie Czenczek, Staff Writer


Think the endless swiping is getting you nowhere? That no matter how many times you super like a girl’s photo on Tinder, you still aren’t getting the nu..I mean, responses, you’re looking for? Want to show that you’re cultured or whatever? Well, then look no further than the Goodreads app, available on both Android and Apple products.

The app lets you make group discussions, send direct messages, and show off a personal bookshelf that’s sure to lead you to that special someone. If you mark Russian literature and the Romantic poets as some of your favourite works you’ll have direct messages filling your inbox in no time.

As the old saying goes, “Nothing is sexier than someone who knows how to read,” and nothing screams “I read” more than having an app on your phone all about books. It even works in the real world. Just whip out your phone, casually open the app, and the honey you’re trying to impress will be yours in no time.

Not only that, but people love it when you hit on them on a non-dating app—it has all of the fun shock value of getting cat-called at work or in an empty parking lot at night!

In case you think this is nothing more than a scam, here are some of the people who have found success finding dates on GoodReads, and are totally not paid actors.

Martin Fiennes, 23, uses Call Me by Your Name and Lolita to justify his relationships with high school girls, and told the Other Press abouthow using Goodreads to meet singles has made dating so much easier.

“This has completely changed the game for me, dating-wise,” said Fiennes. “Just a quick look over someone’s profile and boom! You know if your interests match up.”

Fiennes then went on to talk about some of the things he wished the website could improve on.

“I wish they’d let me join group discussions from classrooms,” he said. “I just miss high school, man.”

Randall Briggs, 20, who is tired of terrible dates, stated that Goodreads has solved all of his dating woes.

“On Tinder, I would never get a single match,” he said. “With Goodreads, the extra spot in my bed is always filled. Chicks just love a guy who reads.”

When asked for advice to anyone wanting to try out the app for themselves, Briggs said, “The most important thing to do is, once you find a girl you’re interested in, make sure to mark that you’ve read every single book she’s given five stars to. That way she’ll for sure know that you have something in common. Just make sure you read the summary on SparkNotes before you go on the date.”

Lisa Thompson, 32, has become a Goodreads convert after discovering how easy it was for her to find a nice, single, Christian man in the book discussions.

“I have one thing and one thing only to say about Goodreads: It kicks Christian Mingle’s ass.”

Despite saying that she’d only say one thing, she went on to elaborate about how much better the app is.

“I used to get men who’d claim that they’re completely fine with waiting until marriage, but then they’d show up at my house and try to convince me that the ‘backdoor’ option is fine in God’s eyes. This all changed after using Goodreads. I joined a Christian book club and met Thomas. I’ve bought all of the books he’s written, and he promises we’ll go on a date soon.”


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