Volcano Chicken

Image via eatingwithkirby.com

Image via eatingwithkirby.com

Dae-Ji Cutlet House’s new dish is as spicy as it sounds!

By Jerrison Oracion, Senior Columnist


Dae-Ji Cutlet House is famous for their cutlets. However, their Volcano Chicken is the spiciest thing that I have ever eaten. Volcano Chicken is a boneless chicken breast marinated in a very spicy sauce and served with potato slices that are covered in the same spicy marinade. When you eat the first bite, you might have to wait a few minutes before you eat more.

The potato slices add a bit more crunch to the meal. When you eat Volcano Chicken, you should eat it with a milk product to cool your mouth down. When I was eating it, I ate it with water and it takes a while to eat the entire thing. Even though the chicken is spicy, it tastes very delicious.

Right now, it is only available in a very large portion. It’s great to eat the chicken with rice or some of the other items that they offer and you can share it with everyone. So, if you want to try something new or you love spicy food get some Volcano Chicken. Dae-Ji Cutlet House is located at 128-1153 The High Street in Coquitlam.


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