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Image of product via L'Oréal Paris

Image of product via L’Oréal Paris

‘L’Oreal Paris Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour’ review

By Brittney MacDonald, Life & Style Editor


I am one of those trendy weirdos that decided that dying my hair a pastel colour would be a good idea. For me, I chose a darker steel grey because it played into my childhood dream of conquering the world as a frost mage—I read a lot of C.S. Lewis as a kid. As of about two months ago, I have been rocking this polarizing hair colour, and for the most part I’ve been loving it. The only issue I’ve run into is that it’s a little high maintenance. That’s why L’Oreal Paris Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour has been a true blessing in disguise.

I dye my hair myself, which some say is a bad idea—I say it’s intelligent and frugal—because going grey artificially is a bit of a process. A process that takes about three hours—so naturally, I want to do everything in my power to preserve my colour so I can wait as long as possible in between dying it.

I use purple shampoo, I wait as long as hygienically possible before washing my hair, and when I do, it’s always in cold water to prevent fading. But even with all of this, I still have roots to contend with. Unfortunately, my naturally blonde hair clashes with the cool tones of my artificial colour, so I end up looking like a hot mess. This is a problem anyone with unnaturally coloured hair faces, and the introduction of the natural colour will actually change the eye’s perception of the artificial one.

For me, my hair began looking more ash blonde as opposed to grey—which I didn’t want.

That’s when Colorista Spray came into my life. Colorista is L’Oreal’s line of trendy, pastel hair dyes. In truth, I hate this line of dye, and I think it sucks. It’s massively over-priced, the colours refuse to go on even and it doesn’t come in a full kit. The bleach, the actual pigment, the fading shampoo (which is actually just normal shampoo, let’s not kid ourselves), and the clear mixer—the thing that you add to the pigment so you can control how pastel your colour is—must be bought individually, and they’re all about $15 each. It’s all just a huge money grab for something that doesn’t even work properly.

Recently, L’Oreal introduced a temporary colour spray into the line. Originally, I was a little hesitant because of the rest of the collection, and normally stuff like this will leave your hair matted and crunchy. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, and try it anyway—mostly because I was desperate for something to refresh my colour between dye jobs. The colour options are pretty extensive in terms of what colours are there, but there aren’t really any shade variants.

The product itself is similar to a dry shampoo, as opposed to a hairspray—so even though you’re adding pigment in, it keeps the hair loose and soft. I use the silver, and it’s perfect for just a light coating over my hair and near my roots to tone down the ashy look, and revert everything back to that cool grey that I want. There’s a detail nozzle on the can, so if you want to put the colour in a little more concentrated, you can—be warned though, the metals are a true metal, and not glitter, so you will end up with a mirror finish if you do this with them. Afterwards, all you have to do is set them with a hairspray and you’re good to go for the rest of your day. The colour will wash out in the shower, or fade out naturally.

Overall I have to say that I love this product, and would totally recommend it to all my Easter egg-headed brethren out there.


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