‘Desert Bus for Hope’ uses the worst game for good

Photo of LoadingReadyRun

Photo of LoadingReadyRun

Long-time internet comedians prepare to host charity livestream

By Greg Waldock, Staff Writer


Victoria based comedy troupe, LoadingReadyRun, is preparing their minds and bodies to livestream the worst game of all time, starting November 17 and ending when they lose all sanity. The game in question is Desert Bus, Penn and Tellers’ 1995 masterpiece of boredom, and the group will be raising money via donations and gift auctions for Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity. This year LoadingReadyRun celebrate a full decade of their “Desert Bus for Hope,”—what they call their annual playing of this videogame monstrosity.

Desert Bus is a real-time eight-hour drive from Las Vegas to Tuscan on a long, unchanging desert road. The game can’t be paused or saved, and the bus drifts left the entire time, meaning you can’t leave it alone to score a point on its own. LoadingReadyRun, formerly known for their 11-year history of internet sketches, spends most of their year doing livestreams, making video content, and attending cons. But November is where they truly shine, at the cost of their mental health and dignity—because in November, they livestream playing Desert Bus nonstop until donations stop rolling in. Last year, they spent well over a week putting on the live 24/7 improv show.

The tradition started in 2007, with each year being more successful than the last. The first drive ended with $22,000 raised. Last years’ 2016 run, raked in almost $700,000. The growing popularity of the livestream attracted the attention of celebrities over the years; Levar Burton, every Mythbuster, Notch, Penn and Teller themselves, and many others have appeared to auction off gifts or donate to the cause.

Desert Bus for Hope will be starting at desertbus.org on November 17th, at 10AM PST. They will be accepting donations and bids on auctions held on the website throughout the week and longer. Proceeds go towards Child’s Play, which supplies toys and games to children’s hospitals around the world.

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