Battling the best

Photo by Davie Wong

Photo by Davie Wong

Women’s Basketball faces off against the Blues

By Davie Wong, Sports Editor


I always look forward to these games. Not only is Capilano a good team, they are undisputedly the best team in the PACWEST this year. As an undefeated team, they are the team to beat. For the Royals, this was a fight to prove themselves against the league’s best squad. And boy did it not disappoint.

From the start of the game, it was action packed. The Royals executed wonderfully to open the game. They managed to grab 16 points while keeping the Blues to just 6 points in the first quarter. While the first quarter was exciting, the second quarter was a bit messier and definitely a thriller. Neither team could really get too much on the board as shots just didn’t make it. While the defensive show was spectacular, six points from the Royals and four points from the Blues is hardly what either coach would expect or want. Going into half time, the score was netted up 20–14. The third quarter was a fantastic display of skill from both sides. The Blues snagged the lead a couple of times in the quarter, managing to score 23 points in the process. However, if it’s anything the Royals have been this season, it’s been clutch. They managed to keep themselves in the lead, scoring 18 points.

The Blues had one last effort, and nearly managed to pull out a win, but the Royals put players just where they needed to be, and scored just enough points to keep them afloat. The Royals picked up the win 57–51.

The Royals could thank a couple of players for that win. Ellen Fallis had a massive night, picking up 21 points and 7 rebounds. Rachel Beauchamp also had a fantastic 18-point performance, with 9 rebounds to boot.

The win snapped the Blues’ 13-game win-streak and brought the Royals one game closer to the coveted first seed. They currently sit behind the Blues, trailing them by three games, and sit ahead of the VIU Mariners by a single game. However, the Royals have a game that has yet to be played. Due to the snow, the Royals game against the CBC Bearcats was rescheduled.

The Bearcats, who sit at the bottom of the table winless, face off against the Royals sometime this week. It should be an easy win for the Royals, which will bring them within two of the Blues, and two away from the Mariners. This would grant them a real chance of fighting for the first seed, while also allowing them some semblance of security.

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