The Playoff Picture

Photo by Davie Wong

Never has the team looked so strong. They are my favourites to make the finals, and maybe even the entire Championships.

Up against the odds

Photo by Davie Wong

While the road is undoubtedly tough, I’m sure the Royals will make it, or put up a valiant fight trying to do so.

Work out while you put out

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Sex can be a pretty intense physical activity, so here are just some athletic sexual positions that can be used as a workout, or even just to work up a good sweat.

Two of the best collide

I want to see these two teams performing at their peaks. After all, this could very well be a preview of the PACWEST Championship Finals.

Battling the best

For the Royals, this was a fight to prove themselves against the league’s best squad. And boy did it not disappoint.

A true test

Photo by Davie Wong

The Royals are not easily deterred. Watch for them to be pulling out new plays and trying to make things happen, as if the matchup is like any other.