Grammy country spotlight

Image via Maren Morris

While everyone has been focusing on the big winners this year, including Adele, Beyoncé, and David Bowie, there has not been a lot of attention on the winners in the country categories.

The Other Playlist

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When you work as hard as we here at the Other Press, sometimes you just need that one song to inspire you, or power you through your day.

A note on history: Taking metal to its zenith

The term “extreme metal” refers to music that takes all the characteristics of metal and pushes them even further. Basically, it’s metal at its fastest, rawest, most abrasive, and noisiest.

Does music help you study?

L&S_Music studying

Studying while listening to any stimulative music has been shown to have negative effects on the effectiveness of studying, especially when it comes to memorizing things in order.