Essay-writing gothic


With tremulous fingertips, you turn the page in your homework agenda, only to see that which you dreaded most of all: You have an essay due this week.

The anti-gothic

Humour_Anti Gothic

Either a spooky severed hand, or a black cat. Maybe covered in blood? That’d be awesome.

Who are the Transit Police?

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

“I would like everyone to know that Transit Police officers are on the transit system to keep everyone who uses our system as safe as possible.” – Anne Drennan, spokesperson for the Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Don’t be a dick to content creators

Opinions_Dicks to content creators

I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize the media you consume—by all means, go for it. But you should be taking into consideration who you’re directing your criticism at, and how constructive it is.

Roll for initiative!

Photo Illustration by Joel McCarthy

Once a week by night, however, I become the tiny but mighty Kala Greenwood, a gnome warlock chained to a powerful elemental deity from the Primordial Plane.