Vancouver’s Dynamic Duo

Photo of Henrik and Daniel Sedin by Mike Cassese via 'Globe and Mail'

Photo of Henrik and Daniel Sedin by Mike Cassese via ‘Globe and Mail’

The Sedin twins and why we love them

By Greg Waldock, Staff Writer


Vancouver’s favourite twins are back for their 16th year with the Canucks. Daniel and Henrik Sedin are a staple of the team throughout its many changes over the last decade and a half, and have been active members of Vancouver’s community since they arrived. The Sedin twins are two of the most well-known, well-loved, and successful players in the NHL today, so here’s a quick look at their professional and personal lives in our city.

The Sedins arrived in Vancouver in 2000, after both of them went as top picks during the 1999 draft. They were picked up by talent scouts from the Swedish Hockey League and did not expect to be able to play together as they had in their entire previous hockey careers. However, complex draft negotiations allowed then-General Manager Brian Burke to bring them both into the Canucks fold with the second and third pick of the draft. The duo quickly established themselves as valuable assets for the team on and off the ice, winning games and the respect of players across the NHL.

Daniel and Henrik have since fully moved to Vancouver and have no intention of leaving. Both of them have started and raised their families here in the city, and they famously express their love for Vancouver through a large amount of charity work both with official NHL-affiliated charities and through local charities around the city. For example, Daniel and Henrik both pitched in together and donated $1.5 million to the BC Children’s Hospital in 2010, helping the construction of an entirely new building for the hospital.

Both Sedins are record-setting hockey players. Henrik, who became team captain in 2010, is the Canucks’ top all-time leading scorer and holds the Canucks’ record for most assists. He earned his 1,000th point earlier this year against none other than former Canucks goalkeeper Roberto Luongo. Meanwhile, Daniel is Vancouver’s all-time top goalscorer and was one of the NHL’s premier goal scoring talents. The Sedins are also gold medal Olympians. They won gold in 2006 and silver in 2014, just barely losing to Team Canada and a few of their NHL teammates.

The Sedins are well-loved as important parts of Vancouver’s hockey identity. Their raw talent on ice, compounded by their ability to work together perfectly, has made them legends in the history of the Canucks, and their charitable work and positive attitude about Vancouver have made them staples of the community. They have no intention of leaving for another team, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

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